Interiors made with passion since 1946

LSI group is a one-stop-shop assisting clients in the creation of brand building interiors. By utilizing innovative solutions, exquisite craftmanship and experienced project management, we deliver superior interior solutions that supports a sustainable extraordinary customer experience.

Our services



We deliver high-quality brand-building interior to your store. LSI group supports brand-awareness through the delivery of high-quality product-relevant interior. Our services range from single store solutions to large multinational launches. We supply all-inclusive solution with design and construction, economy and the logistics with your business associates. If you prefer, we take part in larger project managed by your appointed.


Adventures, relaxation, work or simply romance? We are the partner that assists you in realising the purpose of your hotel. With in-house product development, project management and at-site assembling, LSI delivers interiors that matches your ambition, passion, demand and function. Let us assist you in creating the hotel of your dreams!



We deliver the interior that completes the experience and adds the last touch to engage all the senses of your guests. Delicious food at social gatherings, in a setting where the interior and lighting contribute to the extraordinary customer experience.


Public Environments

When design and function must go nose-to-tail with elegance, the skills of a master is required! Since 1946, LSI Group has created beautiful interiors for restaurants, hotels, conference environments and offices. Special joinery is our heritage and trademark. The manufacturing techniques has developed through the years, however, our experienced carpenters remain the foundation of our company and the services we provide.